Superbowl Sunday

Your host talks about the best part of the super bowl: the food! A thrilling discussion of wings, nachos, and beer accompanied by some fun football themed music.


Your host discusses one of the most important ingredients in cooking: salt. This episode covers a bit about the history of salt, it's many uses, the abundant varieties of salt available around the world, and has some salty tunes to boot.

Valentines Day

Love is in the air and on the air in this episode about Valentines day's origins and traditions. You'll also hear some romantic tunes to help set the mood!

Happy Holidays!

Your host discusses some of the lore around holiday traditions, foods, and recipes as well as plays some of her favorite fun and unique Christmas tunes.

Coffee or Tea?

Your host discusses the history of both coffee and tea and plays some fun tunes about each for this episode's tête-à-tête avec du café.

Baking Bread

Your host is joined by her friend Spencer to discuss a recent bread making class she took and talk a little bit about the history of bread and its eventual commercial process.

Under The Weather

Your host has a cold, so this episode is spent discussing the best home remedies, tips and tricks for cold cures around the world, and why exactly a bowl of chicken noodle soup can help you feel better.


Your host plays some spooky tunes and talks all about the history of Halloween and fun traditions like pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, and trick or treating!

Facciamo Pasta!

Your host talks about her recent adventures in at home pasta making, with excerpts from James Beard, Gordon Ramsey, and more! Learn all about the beloved dish and hear about some new recipes, tips, and tricks too!

Lost In The Supermarket

Your host talks about Kay Bozich Owen's Indie music cookbook, Lost in the Supermarket, and pairs tunes with recipes written by some of her favorite musicians. You can get your own copy of this unique cookbook here.

Return From Nashville

Your host recounts her trip down south to Nashville and talks about all the fun things to do down there, recipes that were inspired by the trip, and introduces a new section to called Cookin' Kitchen Mixtapes. Check it out!

The Boss's Birthday

In this episode your host celebrates Bruce Springsteen's 69th birthday with a playlist of covers, a bit about instant coffee, waffles, and the Boss's own breakfast rituals. Tune in for good tunes and tips on how to make easy hash browns, a diner staple, at home!

Nashville Bound

Your host is about to embark on a week long trip to the Music Capital of America, Nashville. It's also the hot chicken capital, and a city as famous for its good food as it is for RCA studios and the many musicians who chased their dreams all the way there. We'll learn about hot chicken, talk biscuits, and hear some tunes from the artists who made the city famous for music!

Wrapping Up August

Your host starts us off with the late and great Aretha Franklin, and continues on to discuss pit fruits, aka Drupes, talks about the last harvests of summer, challenges herself to cook some new dishes, discusses the power and community of bake sales, and even shares a few poems with you as we wrap up August and head into the last moments of summer.

As mentioned in this episode, here are some videos of Ms. Franklin sharing her love for cooking with us all:

Vijay R. Nathan Guest Hosts with Anjali Bhargava

Vijay R. Nathan, host of Truth to Power on Radio Free Brooklyn, guest hosts for Amanda and interviews Anjali Bhargava. Anjali is the owner of Resilience Turmeric Elixir. Tune into this episode to hear all about her product, the many ways it can be used, the connection between philosophy, spirituality, and food, and even more about traditional Indian cooking.


In this episode your host discusses everyone's favorite summer drink, Rosé! This episode covers the recent rise in popularity of this wine, as well as a bit of its history. You'll also hear all about perfect food pairings and from chefs the world over who, likewise, adore this pale pink aperitif

Pizza Tour!

Your host and her friends embarked on an epic journey to ride bikes and eat pizza in all five boroughs! Tune in to hear how far we made it, which slice was the best, and an incredibly entertaining interview with Sal, owner of Pugsley's pizza in the Bronx.


Your host delves into the history of this beloved summer cocktail and shares some great Italian tunes in the mean time. Join us for the first edition of Reciprocity Radio: Cocktail Hour!

St. Patrick's Day

Please enjoy some antique Guinness posters courtesy of Collectors Weekly